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Talking French & English.

If you talk those both languages very well then you’re ok but me I’m just trying to talk English. I’m writing my posts in a English world that is WordPress and making some efforts in school to understand it before attending the university. If you read this post maybe you’ll understand what I mean.

If I do a comparison between the two languages, for the first approach it seems that English is really simple than French and it is right. When you’re talking French you always have to put the  correct « article » for a word by example to say a dog in French you’ll have to say « Le chien » not « La chien ». For someone who haven’t talked it since the first years of school it might be very difficult to understand these rules even we the people who grew up talking French we make some mistakes and never do that either in a public place or between your friends or you’ll be surely ashamed. But French is very very cool when you’re talking it quickly, that’s a good feeling or talking it the same way French people do with their beautiful accent. If you don’t speak french you’ll probably say it’s a hard but a beautiful language but let me tell you one thing, people who used to talk it always say that English more  beautiful for instance they say whatever you sing in English in any song it will work but not in French and they’re not wrong. If you want to learn it for maybe just education or tourism it is a good decision because it is really awesome to understand it.

For English that’s is another situation, talking it give me the impression of being connected to the world. I started learning it maybe ten years ago but I don’t talk it fluently cause I grew up in a French country in west Africa and people never talk it if they’re not at school except some of my friends with whom I talk to English sometimes. I should tell you something, for the French people, I mean all people who talk French, understanding English is not really simple, sometimes when I watch NBA TV I just have the impression I don’t know anything about English. You the English people, talk it so fast that we just have the feelings that you’re in a competition where talking anything is the goal. When I watch vloggers as mystic  I understand anything he says and that’s is the problem, it’s like understanding English depends on your interlocutors. Sometimes you understand them and sometimes you do not. Understanding British people is also easier than Americans, that’s a fact that only the learners know, American accent is bizarre for us, talking so fast, don’t pronounce the words correctly and over all the expressions like « ain’t, gotta », why are you so lazy ? It makes us the work so hard but you even don’t mind. Be quiet graceful and pronounce the words correctly I don’t think that you find french bizarre like us.

But we don’t have the choice, English is the main language of the world. We have to go through all the situations to understand it else no jobs, no future.

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Verses in the Quran concerning « Jihad » and « Terrorism »

These last years, people are seeing us as terrorists, extremists and radicalists… The I.S.I.S group is giving a wrong picture of 1.8 billions people. Me, at the beginning I hated to see and hear people saying that we’re terrorists but now it doesn’t matter what people think for me ?

Really ? Fuck it and its 1.8 billions preachers

The last mass shooting that took place in Orlando choked me because I wasn’t waiting for this, and I hated over all was that this shit I.S.I.S group was declaring  that they were those who led this. Me, I do not hate gays people but I do not have the same feelings as them, I cannot love a boy, it is crazy for me and I think they are special in this world. The second thing that I hated was the reaction of people saying that I was terrorist, me, because of Omar I don’t know what. Are you serious there ? Why should I be labeled as a terrorist ? It is true that people who are doing this are Muslim, but does it mean that 1.8 billions people are the same?, what would you say if a celebrity like Obama says that « All white people were racists » because of one person who insult him. Think better before showing me in the screen of whole world telling that I’m a terrorist, saying that I cannot enter the U.S because of my religion, it is true that you can get afraid and having a fear to be killed by terrorists while walking in Downtown, buying something in a shop, but is it right to say that me I’m a terrorist because of someone who has not got anything in his religion. That’s here I do not agree with you, we need to think more because you the non-muslims are not seeing that you are hurting us we the rest. I know my religion and I know that Islam doesn’t allow what Islamic state is doing, I will show it next, I will take some verses in the Quran and will show it to you, you will see how far they are wrong these shits of Al Qaida or Isis.


So let’s show you some verses in the Quran that says something about war and some advices that has been given by the Islamic leaders.

The basic rules of war in Islam

These rules are:

Be strong enough for the enemy you fear and do not attack you .

Do not start the hostilities. Work as possible for peace.

Fight only those who fight : no collective punishment. No evil shall reach noncombatants . mass destruction weapons will not be used.

Cease hostilities as soon as the other party is inclined to peace.

Respect treaties and agreements as long as the enemy respect them.

Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but transgress not . Surely God does not love transgressors […] The prohibited month for the holy month ! – Retaliation applies for all things . Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you , transgress against him , equally transgression. And fear God. And know that God is with the pious . « ( Surah 2 , The Cow , Al-Baqarah , verse 190 and 194).

Terrorism contradicts the teachings of Islam. There are people who use perverted arguments to justify terrorism they employ for their cause. But it admits no justification. God says:

 » When it is said to them: » Do not cause corruption on earth , « they say: » Why, we are only reformers ! > Certainly, they are the ones who make mischief , but they do not realize . « ( Surah 2 called the Cow, Al -Baqara, verses 11 and 12)


Hope that you saw this, I think you should prevent your families and neighbors that you are hurting over 1.8 billions people by saying that they are killers, murderers, terrorists and if it continues we the Muslim we won’t have any compassion for the people who’ve killed by our brothers who ain’t getting at their own Quran, I did not had the same feeling by hearing that out 130 people were killed in Paris and when I headed that 50 peoples had been killed in Orlando, I also reproach the Islamic leaders to not doing anything to ban these wrong ideas that we the muslim are getting, the killers think that they’ll get to heaven as I saw a french terrorist that posted a video on youtube after killing a cop and his wife in their home, he said that they are gonna kill my favourite artist who is a French rapper who lives in the U.S. So, I’m also afraid to think he is surely going to pass away while playing a concert. You’re not the only afraid people cause me I live in Africa where we are 87% of Muslims in our country but we have trapped two members of the Islamic state so I gotta be thinking that a shit terrorist can kill me.

You're gonna see what does hell mean !!

So, I gotta end this post here and I only want you to stop these accusations to be a terrorist, bye.

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Learning chinese

Hi everyone,
Hope that you’re spending good time, after a while, I decided to get back my business.


Do you know something about Chinese ? No I don’t think, so we’re going to talk about it. When hearing people saying Chinese, Chinese, what do you think about ? I get at you, you surely think about these characters which has no sense and its pronunciation. Let me tell you that there’s  no difficult thing in it. The thing I unable to remember is the sequence of strokes that is to say, to write in Chinese, we must remember the order of the characters (from left to right, up and down the ‘inside before closing a character) Oh my God, what crap? WTF?

Listen to me, I must tell you that I’ve no problem with the strokes sequence because I don’t respect it, I do not encourage has to do because your writing will be very sucks after, but it’s up to you to do what you want by the time you want to learn language. Let’s talk about the Chinese language, remind that it’s the most talked language in the world not the most used but the it’s the second language on the internet after English of course. I advise you to learn language, some applications are available on Play Store and are » Hello Chinese » and »Chinese skill », courses are not difficult and two or three days you will have already a few basic concepts, by learning you’ll maybe understand that each Chinese characters is a kind of drawing and it represents something.


You must know that the Japanese use the Chinese characters when writing the Kanji which is one of their 3 alphabets, this mean that if you understand you’ll be able to understand maybe 10 or 15% of the Japanese language but let me tell you that they’re totally different and they don’t speak the same language.

Japanese writing

Hope that you enjoyed the post and you’ve decided to learn this language because it’s very great experience, just try it and you’ll what I be talking.

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Top most intelligent animals in the Earth

Although most people wouldn’t typically associate extreme intelligence with animals, that is a bit of a misconception. While they are obviously not able to match the computational and meta cognitive power of the human brain there are certain things some animals specialize in for which their minds are uniquely adapted. In some ways you could say they are smarter (or more functional) than even humans at performing these tasks. These are the 25 most intelligent animals on Earth.

5_ Whales


Known for their massive size but not often their massive intellect whales often use complex sounds to communicate with each other and coordinate their activities among the group very effectively.  They are also formidable problem solvers.

4_ Parrots


Although their famous ability to talk is pure mimicry as most people know parrots have excellent memories and like many others on this list are capable of solving relatively complex problems.

3_Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins

When it comes to  body mass to brain ratio, it is a scientific fact that Bottlenose dolphins have among the largest brains in the animal kingdom. Characterized by their advanced communication skills, they have also been considered to be self aware with the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror.



According to research, a middle aged pig can be as smart as a three year old human being and they know how to adapt to complex environmental situations because they have the ability to learn new skills easily.



Aside from the fact that chimpanzees look like humans, these animals also have the capacity in some ways to think like humans. They can manipulate their environment and utilize tools in order to help the community accomplish certain tasks.  By and large they are often considered to be the smartest primate and therefore one of the smartest animals in the world.

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Are we the only ones who live in our universe?

It is a little longer than I write more articles and it’s probably due to laziness, but sorry … 

It’s been some time I see people talking about the uniqueness of our species in the universe , I actually wonder if this theory is feasible? We will discuss it together , discuss our views and what you think …

Let’s talk about the vastness of our universe, the last time I took a ride on a site that gave me scientific informations, I don’t know if they are totally correct but you can verify them yourself and then send me the correct informations by email, please, we’re talking about scientifics facts. I do not remember the exact name but I had withheld that

only in our universe there would be over 200 billion galaxy , each containing over 200 billion stars...


WOW , awesome , I can not even believe that some now believe that we can be alone in our universe , this theory is to be rejected , it is unacceptable and has no meaning .

In more than 200 billion galaxy, we alone , how it is possible , in my opinion there are millions or billions of other species lives or civilizations like us or diffirentes , even if primitive remember Neptune possesses not only of life and if in our solar system, there is a planet which contain life although very primitive, one can not exclude that there are millions more who will be even more advanced than us humans, we can not be alone in this ultra immense universe, observe the diversity of life we ​​see only in our microbes, plants, animals, people and so on, why the universe does not possess more diversity it contains a tiny planets, and note that the Earth is not the only planet contains water, millions of planets in possess, and wherever there is water there necessarily life, again contradicting the theory of our uniqueness of our universe.

The human being is limited to his imagination, the moment he can not give a picture of the thing he wants, he modifies it, it’s the case with God, God is immaterial, neither beginning or end, it can not give that image in his head so he deduced that there is no God … I hope we all agree that we are not alone in this vast universe, I hope you enjoyed this article … And remember that I am neither English nor American, I speak french, if there’s shit in my words, I beg you to excuse me, see you soon …

Let’s see some pictures and see the possibility that we’re the only that our dear universe contains, and get in your mind that maybe the others civilisations have already noticed where we’re living or they’re like us and they’re asking themselves if they’re also alone…

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The best idea I’ve got in my life

Hi everyone, I’m writing this post today to talk about something I’ve decided to do myself, can you imagine it? I don’t think, so let me explain my decision. You’ll say that you don’t think I’m gonna do it but don’t be like that.
I’ve decided today, the 1st December 2015, to write my own roman which is gonna talk about fiction, I thought that will be a good idea, first I would write an autobiographical roman that will based on the real facts in the world, in our lives we the African people, we the shy guys but I got another idea which seems the best.


By writing a roman, I ain’t thinking about making money, money ain’t my priority right now, I just want to do something fun, to express my ideas and show to everyone that everybody have an hide talent. This won’t be my real life work, it will be a kind of having fun. The only work I would do is to become an computer scientist.
I think that will be a good experience and it will probably be one of the best moment in my life. I’m thinking about my father who will probably be happy and proud to hear that his son wrote his own roman even if I think he won’t read anything of it or he’ll try to read the 10th first pages. I’m hopeful and I don’t want to be discouraged by something.


I don’t know for the moment when I’m gonna start the project but I’ll surely begin the synopsis the next week, I’ll make some researches to know how I’m gonna do it. I just need your encouragement because it will boost the energy I’m feeling for the rest of the task, thank to read the post, don’t forget to let me some comments.

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In about 100 years, human will surely lives in Mars…

Living in Mars is one my biggest dream, do you imagine that we the human can live in Mars in few years. I believe it, we can live in another planet, it will be amazing.
The first thing I imagine is that there will be another revolution like it was 300 years ago, when the world found a new world called America. USA and URSS will certainly be the main concurrents and this planet will be colonized by them, they’ll probably create their own embassy in Mars and people will be able to communicate form Earth to Mars, we’ll see the people live there.
Perhaps, Earth will have a worldwide governor as Mars will also have.


Thinking that we’ll be able to send an email from here to there is only gorgeous. Maybe, I’ll be there, I will visit the newest world that humanity used to got. It will be like a fiction, we can be the masters of our galaxy and will be able to live another planet else. And when people living Mars will reach the million of people, We won’t be here to assist at this moment, there will be another planet or world lived by human, and the technologies will allow us to go there as fast as a plane get us from a place to another one.


I hope that each country will have a little portion of the Mars ground, that will allow each people to reach there. It will be amazing, if I will have the necessary money, I’ll found a society for this project.
It will be another way to make more money the humanity need.
I want the NASA workers do all they have to realize this project and I hope we all want it.


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Learning English and Deutsch

Hi, today I’m going to share my ambition with you guys.
The first thing I want you to know is that I’m gonna tell you something that all people would be and would can, it’s amazing. I know that you speak English because it’s the most talk language in the world, I don’t why because I think that French is easier than it but I really don’t know.


Have you ever got the idea to learn another language you don’t knew about ? I’ll say maybe. Since 2007 I’m learning English, in 2007 I was 7 years old and I was in 3rd grade, now I’m almost bilingual, I can understand what English people are talking about I can also talk and ask them everything I want, I won a gift from my English teacher for his best pupil, I was so happy, so glad. I’m writing my post in English because I wanna grow my english up, I think maybe in 2 years I’ll be able to speak english like the British and the Americans.
Right now, we’re in 2015, and I’m in high school, I tried to learn German at the start but I don’t understood nothing, my marks in the Deutsch language were so bad, I don’t knew how some of my friends could pronounce these words, it’s was difficult to pronounce by example « 627 » in Deutsch they say « Sechshunderzweiundzwanszig », even by seeing it you’ll be shaking. But know I decide to give myself another chance, now I’m not learning it at school but I’m learning from YouTube, I’m a Guinean and our official language is French because we been colonized by the French, I speak French like someone who is living in French, and we the Guinean are better than the French in their language because the French don’t learn their vocabulary and their grammar, they birth with French and they grow up with it whereas we grow up with a native language, we get at school we learn French and english and Deutsch.
Since, I started to learn Deutsch in YouTube, I feel like I can be better than my friends and I say each time let’s work,let’s work, it’s really an amazing experience and I hope I’ll get it up.


Thank to read it, I guess you wanna learn another language, me I can already talk 3 different languages (« Pulaar », « French », « English ») and I’m trying to learn another one which is the Deutsch.


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I hate waking up earlier to going to school

People used to say that our future is in the school, It’s not false but it’s hard to do.


Each time I see 5 O’Clock on my phone, I want to get back at yesterday to get more sleeping time but I can’t, I hear people saying that the best time to sleep is always between 4h – 6h then we must get up at 4 O’Clock.
I don’t hate school but I hate waking up each morning at 5 O’Clock. why doesn’t the director say that « The next time, the courses will begin at 9 O’Clock and they’ll end at 13 O’Clock. » I want him to say this kind of things because it’ll be good for we the students (in Guinea of course, I don’t know something about the others country educational systems).

Who create this school to fuck us

When I’m in classroom, I want to sleep, I’m dreaming to get home, I want to leave school, but I can’t the only way I have to do it is to hold on and wait for the class end, its too long but I can’t do anything and my holidays is for about 8 months, I’ll be fucked up before these 8 months get finished.


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Using of the words WANNA, GONNA, GOTTA

Hi everyone, I’m going to write today a post for the street English. Have you ever heard the word « Wanna » or the word « Gonna », perhaps, but I think that you should have ask yourself « what they’re talking about these guys », just keep calm and I’m going to explain you these world.


Let’s start with the word « Gonna »
Gonna just mean « Going to », the American are too lazy, you’ll say, that’s ain’t false. Instead of using Going to they say Gonna, and this world is growing up today, people use it each time they talk.
Eg: I am going to see my friend.
Also mean, I’m gonna see my friend.
The word « Wanna »
Wanna is « want to », so whenever they want to use « want to » they say « Wanna », for instance, I want to go home, you can say « I wanna go home » simply.
That’s one « Gotta »
Gotta means « have to » or « have got to » or « must », you can say « A man gotta do what a man gotta do », it would say « A man must/ have to/ have got to do what a man must/have to/ have got to do.


There are another words like:
ain’t means am not or are not.
Outta means out of / somewhere.
Lemme means Let me.
Gimme means Give me.

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